It's time to feel
your best

New opening times

Sunday 11am - 2pm

Mon to Thurs 11am - 4pm

Friday 10am - 2pm

If you would like to come out of these hours, please do call me

07487 582528

Dena xx

Look good, your way


Unique collections

Feel special, look different. We have a unique selection of clothes and accessories, to suit your body.


Wardrobe detox

Together, let's say goodbye to old-time favourites, throw out unflattering clothes and discuss which pieces to wear in what season, and how you can accessorise your outfits.


Evening shopping

Can't shop in the day? We'll open up the shop in the evening at a time that's convenient for you.
Call us on 0161 773 5554 for more info.


Deposit rail

Save an item that you love and pay in full later. Our deposit rail let's you put items to the side for up to a month.

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Feel your best

Take a glimpse of some new items waiting for you from the Marble range

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Stay up-to-date

We've phased out of sending emails and would love to stay in touch with you via Whatsapp, sharing videos of the latest items, and other updates.


What do you need to do?

  1. Save 07487 582 528 as a contact in your phone

  2. Send a WhatsApp to the above number saying that you'd like to receive our updates

We won't bombard you with messages, and you can opt out at any time.